Social Media Tools

Here is a short list of my favorite social media tools and reading material:

  • MarketingProf’s “Get to the Point emails keep you on the razor’s edge of social media. Topics range from Tapping the Potential of Online Demos to Dare to Go Viral Part One and Part Two.
  • Mashable “Social Media Guide illustrates how viral video is once you realize that many of these videos have probably landed in your email box at one time or another. Here you’ll find links to Sneezing Baby Panda, Evolution of Dance and William Hung She Bangs. Imagine your company’s product getting that much play!
  • “Mashable’s 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook.” Learn how to create a LinkedIn badge on your Facebook Fan Page or promote your blog via Facebook or add applications to share documents and tasks within Facebook.
  • Skillfoo post questions and get answers to your Facebook questions from “The Unofficial Facebook Dude.”
  • Twitter Search to see what is being said about you or your company right now (or not)!
  • “Twitterholic” to check out your ranking on Twitter. Egads, I’m ranked 1,141,730th on twitterholic! Oh I get it. Ashton Kutcher is numero uno.
  • Tweetmeme to see the hottest links on Twitter.
  • “How Sociable Are You” on Twitter? You may not be the social butterfly that you think when it comes to this social networking tool.
  • “LinkedIn Group Social Media Marketing.” This discussion group will keep you up-to-date on the latest tools, techniques, trials and tribulations of using social media for marketing. Here you will find thoughtful critiques about how effectively social media is being used to pitch products and respond to breaking news stories and crises.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments and/or tell us how these are working for you.


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