Bloomberg News Turns Tables

Bloomberg News turned the tables on me today. I just returned from a fascinating briefing given by the San Francisco Bureau Chief, and top tech editors/reporters at Bloomberg’s swanky waterfront San Francisco bureau and I had to agree to keep everything off-the-record about what was said about Bloomberg’s inner workings and plans.

How many times have I asked that of reporters? Irony of ironies, I recently blogged about how the term “off-the-record” is open to interpretation Okay, So You’ll Only Talk Off the Record.

So I’m hogtied, but I will say this, I am very impressed by what the reporters do day in and day out at Bloomberg News.

Next time a Bloomberg reporter wakes me up at 4:00 AM (or worse, reports on the national wire that I was unavailable for comment) I may just be a little more understanding … or maybe not.

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    Julia Glenister

    Finally, I can say something about this little off-the-record secret!

    The news is now out about Bloomberg News teaming in an unusual deal with “The San Francisco Chronicle.” “Talking Biz News” posted an article with details about the new business relationship that includes the Bloomberg San Francisco Bureau writing an exclusive on a Bay Area subject every week for the Chron:

    And the proof is in the pudding. My Sunday paper arrived yesterday with “Bloomberg Briefing” stamped above the new Business section head entitled “Business Report The Chronicle with Bloomberg”. The Chron included a Bloomberg Market Report inside the Business section. The Bloomberg Briefing carried two short news items: one reporting that Jamba Juice’s stock went up on speculation of Starbuck’s possible acquisition of the local company, and the second, a piece juxtaposing JMP Securities forecast of strong sales for Oracle this year with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s well-known interest in buying the Golden State Warriors.

    One can’t help speculating that this is just the beginning of something much bigger between Bloomberg News and The San Francisco Chronicle. At the very least it is a surprising show of confidence by Bloomberg when little more than a year ago a Bloomberg headline on February 25, 2009 declared “San Francisco May Be Largest City to Lose Main Paper”

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