My Favorite Tools: TweetyMail

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I came across TweetyMail earlier this month while holed up in a hotel room in Kauai. The Pacific Ocean and sparkling pools outside beckoned, but because I had piggy-backed on my husband’s business trip (finally somewhere other than the Central Valley), and he hadn’t finished his business affairs for the day, I found myself twiddling my thumbs. I decided to tackle Twitter. Oh come on. You know you would too.

Those torrential Twitter streams drive me crazy. I know I shouldn’t complain because I receive a mere fraction of the number of tweets my Twitter addict friends and colleagues get. Still, I try to follow the industry influencers, and I try to be polite and follow the people who follow me. Consequently, I can not keep up with the deluge.

There are times when it has taken me days to discover that someone  “replied” to me in one of their tweets.  If I don’t regularly click to see if any replies have come in from the @jagwiregroup username hotlink on my Twitter home page or do a search with Social Mention, I am oblivious. Thankfully, Twitter emails me alerts about direct messages and new followers, but the @ replies where people actually start or continue a conversation with jagwiregroup, just languish in cyberspace until I manually hunt them down.

Who has time to hover over their Twitter page all day long?

So that is why I did a Google search for “Twitter email alerts.” Up popped TweetBeep, TweetyMailTweetScan and Twilert. I decided that TweetyMail was the one for me. Perhaps it was the name or maybe the TechCrunch  quote on the homepage made it easier for me to decide. I don’t know. In any event, I signed up for the free subscription and I now get email alerts within minutes of someone Tweeting @jagwiregroup. In fact, I can also request email alerts on any keyword or hashtag.

But TweetyMail does much more than that. It gives you access to Twitter directly from your email, which is especially useful when you are on the road. By emailing the following email aliases, you can Tweet photos and links to Web pages (it automatically shortens links), request the latest tweets from your friends and more. It is also possible to schedule Tweets with the premium version. 

Email Address Purpose Tweet text, pictures, and links Post tweets longer than 140 characters Request the latest tweets from your friends Send or reply to a direct message Start following a user Block a user from following you Stop following a user


Finally I can monitor the conversation about my brand and my clients’ brands. Equally as important, I can be more responsive!  Now, instead of dreading my Twitter streams, I can look for more people to converse with on Twitter.

There are free and premium versions of TweetyMail. To see the full functionality of this useful app, check out the demo. In a TechCrunch blog entitled “TweetyMail: It’s Twitter Over Email. And It Works,” MG Siegler writes that with the features currently available in the free testing phase product “you can completely bypass the need to go to (or any other Twitter client) ever again.”

So folks, today’s blog post kicks off the inaugural “My Favorite Tools,” which will be an occasional JAGWIRE Group column about useful apps and widgets that I stumble across and now just can’t imagine life without. I invite your comments on what works best for you in managing your mentions on Twitter.

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