Catch Up Reading: Web 2.0 Summit, DeFrag, Amplify and TWTRCON 2010

Copyright 2010 JAGWIRE Group and its licensors. All rights reserved.Rapid-fire tweets from overlapping social media shows Web 2.0 Summit, DeFrag Conference 2010Amplify and TWTRCON SF10  overwhelmed my Twitter feed this week. How can anyone keep up with all this information (and still do an honest day’s work)? Homework this weekend, that’s the answer! Here are the links to the articles and video footage that I plan to review.  Please join me because I really don’t like to do homework alone.

Web 2.0 Summit (November 15-17, 2010) San Francisco, CA

Co-produced by O’Reilly Media and UBM TechWeb in association with John Battelle’s Federated Media, the Seventh Annual Web 2.0 Summit (formally known as the Web 2.0 Conference) was live-streamed for the first time in its history this year, and video footage is available on YouTube  from O’Reilly Media. Here are a few links to videos that caught my interest, but there are more here:

Here are the Cliffs Notes from several reporters who were either in the audience or interviewed the speakers at the show:


  • The TechCrunch Guide to the Web 2.0 Summit (Blog) (Rip Empson)
  •  Baidu’s Robin Li On Google, Facebook (Blog) (Wendy Tanaka, Forbes)
  • Vinod Khosla on innovation vs. punditry (Blog) (Faith Merino, VatorNews)
  •  Eric Schmidt: Google TV will prevail (Blog) (Faith Merino, VatorNews)
  • Zappos and Gilt Groupe: Managing hypergrowth (Blog) (Faith Merino, VatorNews)
  • Carol Bartz on Yahoo, Facebook, and Google (Blog) (Faith Merino, VatorNews)
  • Pincus brings Zynga statistics to Web 2.0 (Blog) (Ronny Kerr, VatorNews)
  • Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams Addresses the Perennial Question: “So, What’s Your Revenue Model?” (Blog) (Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb)
  • John Doerr vs. Fred Wilson: Are We in a Startup Bubble or Boom?  (Blog/Video) (Ben Parr, Mashable)
  • Twitter Calculates Reputation Scores for Each User (Blog) (Jennifer Van Grove, Mashable)
  • Twitter’s Evan Williams on the State of Twitter (Blog) (Ben Parr, Mashable)
  • DeFrag Conference 2010 (November 17-18) Denver, CO

    Judging by the tweets, everybody seems to love DeFrag. Some insights can be gleaned by following the Twitter hashtags #Defragcon, #defrag #defrag2010. It appears there were three because not everyone wanted to use the official one #Defragcon.

    Amplify Business Pitch Competition (November 18) (San Francisco, CA)

    Vator and Girls in Tech held their first event, Amplify, to recognize women-led startups. Esther Dyson and Eric Ries were keynote speakers.

    TWTRCON SF 2010 (November 18) San Francisco, CA

    The fourth TWTRCON SF 2010 was a one-day event whose agenda featured case studies from major brands, workshops and mini tutorials.

    These are the best links that I’ve found so far. If you have a blog posting covering these events or a speaker’s presentation from one of these shows that you would like to add, please put a link to it in a comment below.

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