Are Government Jobs Where the PR Money Is?

“In the past three years, state agencies have spent more than $20 million in taxpayer money on outside advertising, public relations and media campaigns,” writes Gregory B. Hladky of the Hartford Advocate (May 17).

A policy advisor for Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy is quoted in Hladky’s article “Is The State Spending Too Much Money On PR?” as saying that when the new administration took office in January they were surprised to find how much money was being spent on outside PR consultants. [Note that the $20 million under scrutiny here is in addition to PR staff already on state payroll.]

Personally as a California resident, I’m relieved that this week’s revelations about Arnold Schwarzenegger having fathered an illegitimate child 10 years ago broke after he left office. Imagine the PR tab California would have to bear to address this latest scandal!

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