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Marcy Gordon describes herself as “a reader, writer, eater, traveler” on her “Come for the Wine” blog, but she’s much too modest. While she didn’t invent Post-Its or fly around the world in a hot air balloon (yet) she did come up with the name “Travelocity,” that little Website that we all use now and again to book our travel.  Through hilarious tweets and travelogues she takes her captivated readers on Odysseys through the world’s vineyards and far-flung travel destinations. She’s managed to attract a devout following on Twitter, and she was kind enough to share her social media philosophy with The JAGWIRE Group in this interview.

I only use Twitter. I like its low barrier to entry, nothing to maintain, nothing to manage, just point and tweet. And when the day comes when we all move en masse to the next big thing, and that day will come, there is nothing lost as twitter exists in the moment.

Which ones are you steering clear of, and why?

As I said above I only use Twitter. I pretty much steer clear of everything else.

I don’t like the user interface of FaceBook and dislike the constant changes in privacy policies. Essentially I have a deep distrust of Face Book. Social media is a moving target and for now the home base tool of choice for staying in touch with the people you already know or for creating a home base for some businesses is Face Book.  But Face Book feels constrained to me and I have no interest in reconnecting with anyone from my past.

I find no value in Foursquare and all other “check-in” type of apps. These apps are just noise to me. Goggle Wave seems to have washed ashore with no one on it and I have no desire to join Google + at this point in time.

I used to be an early adopter of all new technologies, but now I am a diligent laggard. I don’t have the time or inclination to be out on the SM front lines determining if something is worthy. I let the masses prove the concept, and if the buzz is maintained and people I trust like it, I will consider joining. But I have no desire to be first in to the burning building anymore. My fireman days are over. Prove it to me first. My time is too valuable to be beta testing.

How do you measure success/ROI?

It depends on the context. There is no dollar value invested in most SM apps, just time, so I guess it’s some metric of how much time spent vs. what you want to accomplish. One must have a goal or target to reach before success can be measured.

How did your Twitter followers find you?

Probably most of my followers come from the two huge billboards I put up with my twitter handle along Highway101. Kidding of course! But seriously, how does anyone track how they get any followers?  I have no idea how people find me.

How has Social Media changed the way you work/think/communicate?

I use Twitter as my ad hoc email, my first point of contact more that regular email. It’s less effort and more succinct. I still think I think the same. I may if anything think more before I tweet something than if I were speaking in person because people have trouble determining tone and context sometimes.

What has been your most rewarding experience with Social Media?

Social Media has been rewarding in the most literal sense. I’ve been very lucky and have won several Twitter based contests including dinner for two, wine, lavender soap from a lavender farm, books and tickets to a music festival.

Have you had any Aha! moments?

Aha! There are a lot of weird people on Twitter!

Has Social Media caused you any embarrassing moments?

Auto correct causes the most cringe worthy moments but that’s not specific to Twitter.

What Social Media tools do you think are the most useful for businesses?

Depends on the business, but I think they need to try on everything, see how it fits and then monitor how it plays out for their particular goals.

Do you have any advice to share?

Don’t adopt or join anything based solely on how it works for other people. Make your own decisions, don’t crowd source your life. Do what makes sense to you not just what’s on trend. I may have just inadvertently given advice here, but this could be considered a trick answer to a trick question.

About Marcy Gordon

Marcy Gordon’s background is in consumer marketing and she worked positioning start-ups for launch including Travelocity and OpenTable. Her love of travel and writing led her to work in publishing for The Touring Club of Italy, where she was contributing editor and co-designer of the Authentic Italy guidebook series. Her narrative travel writing has appeared online for World Hum and in print in many Travelers’ Tales anthologies including Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011 and 2010. She will be the editor for “Leave the Iguana, Take the Mascara: Funny Travel Stories from the Road”- due out from Travelers’ Tales in 2012.  She writes Come for the Wine a popular blog about wine tourism destinations around the world. Visit for more information or follow her on twitter @marcygordon / @winetourismconf / @leavetheiguana

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