About Those Freemium and Free Trial Models…

Facebook uses the freemium model to sign up hundreds of thousands of followers. LinkedIn offers free trials to entice potential advertisers to try premium services with free ad placement credits. Will the free trials and freemium business models that have launched some of the most successful recurring revenue business and services work for your company?

Mike Morini, president and CEO of Aria Systems, discusses these trendy marketing strategies in his latest blog Freemium or Free Trial Models. What works best for your business? He explains why free trials and freemium pricing tactics aren’t always the right approach for businesses with recurring revenue models. He poses four questions to help companies evaluate their unique circumstances.

Mike provides a link to Aria’s White Paper entitled Comparing Free Trial and Freemium Models, providing more detail on the various models and how they work to convert paying customers. The White Paper evaluates the various strategies (Opt-in or Opt-Out, Demoware, “Value Gap”) and best-practices for successful adoption of services.
Aria Systems

About Aria Systems

Aria Systems provides subscription billing and management services to help Global 2000 companies such as Disney, EMC, CA, Hootsuite, Roku and VMware monetize their products and services online. Free copies of Aria System’s Subscription Billing for Dummies book are available for download.

Aria is a client of The JAGWIRE Group.

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