PRSA 2012 Int’l Conference in San Francisco: It’s a Wrap, Folks

Social media success stories and strategies featured prominently in this year’s PRSA 2012 International Conference in San Francisco from October 13-16, 2012. For those who did not attend — like me — social media (blogs and tweets) brought the conference to our desktops and mobile phones. Here is a brief round up to give you some of the highlights.

Reflections on the PRSA International Conference in the City By The Bay. Ric Pratte posted on The Meltwater Group Blog: “…Social media has had a dramatic influence on public relations. Transparency, trust, crowdsourcing and storytelling are just a few of the hot new themes in our profession…Another popular theme was the blurring lines of public relations and marketing…Storytelling, one could say, has become the alchemist that transforms corporate speak into interesting, value-adding reading material.”



PRNewswire posted nine stories on its “Beyond PR” blog “Exploring Modern Communications with PR Newswire at PRSA 2012 International Conference:”



  • May The Forces Be With You: Collaborative Communications “…we don’t hear too much about the benefits derived from a collaborative communications environment…It’s not about ownership any more but about collaboration…”
  • Communications Keys From Pandora: Hands On & High Touch “…Tim Westergen, founder of Pandora Media, was one of the keynote speakers at PRSA this morning and he shared some amazing insights and thoughts on what has made Pandora such a huge success…word of mouth marketing…hands-on, high-touch response…company’s need an icon…”
  • Sustainable Business & CSR: Will Consumers Pony Up? June Cotte (@jcotte), an associate professor of marketing at the Richard Ivey School of Business in Ontario, “…discussed responsible consumer buying habits…The big question she posed was this: Will people spend more on “responsible” products?”
  • Storytelling: The Lynchpin for New & Traditional Media This was a panel with the communications pros at Facebook, Twitter and Skype. “…There were some fun voyeur facts (Facebook has 40 people on their communications team, Twitter has eight, and Skype seven) and that Facebook’s team reports up to the COO, not through marketing…Storytelling and blogging have a symbiotic relationship.”
  • New Career Opportunities at the PR Agency of the Future Airfoil Public Relations, Hill+Knowlton, Golin Harris and PR Newswire “…sat down to discuss what the future holds and contribute creative ways the profession will need to adapt to address changing client needs…”
  • PR & the Presidential Election: Commentary from Michael Steele, MSNBC Political Analyst & Former RNC Chair Michael Steele’s fascinating critique of the PR successes and failures in the presidential debates (delivered just prior to the second debate on foreign policy).  “…good PR means effectively playing your role, positioning your narrative with your persona to make a connection with the voters, using appearance, body language, cadence, content, and effective messaging. In other words, effectively engaging with your target groups…”
  • Social Media & The Presidential Election Lawrence Parnell, PR program director/associate professor at The Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University moderated a session (on how the presidential campaigns have wielded social media) with Joe Garofoli, national political reporter at The San Francisco Chronicle and David Almacy of Edelman PR.
  • Content with Intent: The Intersection of PR & Content Marketing Lee Odden, chief executive officer of TopRank Online Marketing, noted that content marketing and public relations “rely directly on listening and taking appropriate action to earn results…any content marketing plan needs to pertain directly to creating, demanding and dominating search results…”
  • Pushing… er, Pulling All the Right Buttons “…PRSA 2012 was a living, breathing example of integrating inbound marketing into communications. Inbound Marketing is an effort that pulls in your audience by offering them information they want, and ideally, they’ll be running to you…”

PRSA International Conference –Twitter Notes Here are a few of the tweets that Martin Waxman posted:

So that’s the snapshot. Obviously, it would have been better to have been there in person. Maybe I’ll see you all at the next one.


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