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Lies, Lies and More Lies in Social Media

As news of the San Bernardino shooting broke last week, a number of reporters were duped by pranksters whose identities remain unknown. What we do know is that someone using the name, Marie Christmas, and the Twitter handle @JewyMarie, tweeted about being an eyewitness to the shooting rampage: “I’m not sure if I’m safe or not. I got a glimpse of the …

The News Embargo is Not “So Yesterday”

[Technorati Claim: ZQQ3R62AVP3] When an embargo on a social media news announcement was breached in November, a prominent tech journalist sent out a sarcasm-laced tweet: “Shocking!” This was just one of many broken embargoes in the tech industry last year. I recall one particularly memorable breach (and tweet) that lit up the Twitter transom in August after eWeek broke Google’s embargo …

No Consensus on Exclusives in the News Business

  “Giving exclusives still can serve an important function in today’s viral media world, and even may be worth making a few enemies,” asserts Dan Primack in an article entitled How and when to give a media ‘exclusive,’ which arrived in this morning’s issue of  The Term Sheet,’s new daily email about deals and deal-makers. Primack was revisiting what he …

CNBC’s Toyota Recall Footage Raises Questions

Editing is critical to accurate reporting. This is particulary true when it comes to video interviews because video tells stories in soundbites; splicing the interview footage together. In this CNBC video, a Toyota spokesman responds to a CNBC reporter’s question about the status of the Japanese car maker’s sticky accelerator pedals. Unfortunately for the spokesman it is a two-pronged question that makes …

Okay, So You’ll Only Talk “Off the Record”

Television-Wall-757447Not everyone takes PR 101 or Journalism 101 in college and perhaps for that reason there is often confusion in the PR profession and even journalism circles about what terms like “Exclusive” and “Deep
Background” mean. Add bloggers into the mix, and “On the Record,” “On
Background,” “On Deep Background” and “Off the Record” are open to

NYT on Bloggers and Paid Sponsorships

As the US Federal Trade Commission wrestles with disclosure rules for ALL online media (including Blogs and Tweets), Pradnya Joshi’s article “When a Blogger Voices Approval, a Sponsor May Be Lurking” is sure to set tongues wagging when it officially hits the streets in Monday’s hardcopy issue of The New York Times. Joshi interviewed influential bloggers and Tweeters, including …

Remember It’s About Ethics

The other day, a new client asked me if I ever “offer success-based pricing — normal rates if no success, but above normal rates if success?” By “success” he meant getting press coverage for his company. This is the kind of question that shows up on my PR listservs from time to time, and it always stirs up a hornet’s …