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8 Hot Social Media Marketing Tips

Nearly 3,800 people registered for SocialMediaExaminer’s Webinar “8 Hot Social Media Marketing Tips You Need to Know” yesterday (April 6, 2010).  If you weren’t one of them (perhaps you couldn’t get into the virtual room because there was only space for the first 1,000) then this recap is for you. Not only was this Webinar packed full of “virtual” bodies, but …

The Original Venture Capitalists: A New Film

An early screening of the first documentary film about the founders of Silicon Valley’s venture capital industry mesmerized an audience of investment bankers and VCs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, technologists and others when it was unveiled by the Western Association of Venture Capitalists as a work-in-progress at a reception last night at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Okay, So You’ll Only Talk “Off the Record”

Television-Wall-757447Not everyone takes PR 101 or Journalism 101 in college and perhaps for that reason there is often confusion in the PR profession and even journalism circles about what terms like “Exclusive” and “Deep
Background” mean. Add bloggers into the mix, and “On the Record,” “On
Background,” “On Deep Background” and “Off the Record” are open to

Daily News Journalists On What Works

So how do PR professionals land a company profile or get a product into a daily newspaper for their clients these days? PR Newswire organized an informative Webinar on that very subject on May 17, 2007. The featured speakers were: Lisa Vickery, Day Editor, National News Desk, Wall Street Journal Steve Trousdale, Deputy Business Editor, San Jose Mercury News Polly …

Online Communities — The New PR Challenge

On the edge of San Francisco’s Presidio, 130 people gathered on July 27 to hear how four companies — Digital Places,, CivicSpace Labs and – are using discussion forums to serve their customers and online users. SofTECH and SDForum, two non-profits that host regular speaking and networking events for the local technology community played host.  Ron Lichty, director …

The 15 Minute Press Release

Is it possible to write a press release in 15 minutes? That’s what the marketing chief at my first PR job seemed to think when he told me to run along and write up the first draft of a partner announcement he had just briefed me on. Surely it’s possible, but how effective is that press release going to be? …

Remember It’s About Ethics

The other day, a new client asked me if I ever “offer success-based pricing — normal rates if no success, but above normal rates if success?” By “success” he meant getting press coverage for his company. This is the kind of question that shows up on my PR listservs from time to time, and it always stirs up a hornet’s …

Virtual Business Networking

Does virtual business networking work? Here’s my experience after being a member of LinkedIn for a year and a half. LinkedIn sent me an email alert the other day. Two former colleagues had come across my name in the network and wanted to know if I would like to connect to their business circles. LinkedIn conveniently serves up the names …

Paid vs. Unpaid Press Release Distribution

Those of you who post press releases to Business Wire and PR Newswire know that the first replies to hit our email mailboxes are rarely press inquiries. Yes, we all know it takes more PR muscle and persuasion than that, but if you’re like me you still eagerly jump to every email ping that follows your expensive transmission. But isn’t …