What we’re thinking about.

Case Study 1

Putting Companies in the Spotlight.

How do you drum up media attention for a company that has shunned the spotlight for 10+ years while steadfastly building a stellar reputation among clients as “the best” in the industry? The company had reached its tipping point. In order to expand and scale its services, it needed capital in the form of a buyer. It needed to court …

Case Study 2

Partnering with Startups, Enterprise Companies and PR Agencies

The JAG Wire Group partners with a select group of “promising” companies – usually no more than two or three at any given time – because we want to become an extended member of your team. When we select clients we first evaluate their product roadmaps and services against the market challenges they face. Perhaps the single most critical factor in …

Case Study 3

Awards and Media Coverage

A slew of industry awards that JAG Wire generated for one of its clients helped to unravel an intriguing story of patents, revealing the competitive advantages and success of a company that was up until that point one of the best-kept secrets outside of its telecommunications niche. It was not an easy story to tell to the business press, but …